Adwords Strategy WorkshopAKA: Learn how your organisation can get the maximum return from Adwords... before you spend a single penny.

This 1 or 2-day workshop is all about the preparing the necessary groundwork prior to launching your campaigns.

In summary, it's what I've learned consulting and training with 200+ companies about the mistakes they've made prior - the money they've lost - due to a lack of strategy & organisation.

The workshop is ideal for Senior Management & business owners who understand the opportunity Adwords provides, there's simply a gap in knowledge regarding HOW to make Adwords truly work for your business.

Your workshop is tailored around your business. Before I set foot through your doors I'll have a firm understanding of your business, your sector and your competition.

We'll plan around a series of typical conversation points:

  • Understanding objectives - what is the planned outcome of your Adwords strategy?
  • Understanding opportunity - competitor analysis & how to successfully differentiate your offering and stand out.
  • Understanding journey - devising a strategy that impacts upon the top and bottom of your sales funnel.
  • Understanding the sales process - maximising lead generation through a complex sales cycle.
  • Understanding value - setting goals & CPA against lead and sales conversions.
  • Understanding management - planning the management of your campaigns - training or outsourcing?
  • Understanding scalability - how to set budget & plan location expansion.
  • Understanding attribution - the impact PPC campaigns may have through first and last click attribution.
  • Understanding reporting & planning - how/when to involve key decision makers and the best methods for feeding back campaign success and issues

Your Adwords Strategy Workshop will provide you with all the necessary answers. If the answers aren't readily available? We'll ensure you're on the path to finding out.

Your Adwords Workshop is about knowing what you need to know to ensure your Adwords campaign represents a financial success whether you're thinking of budgeting spend of £5,000 a month or £500,000 a month.

Adwords Strategy Workshops conveniently take place at your offices, whether in the UK, Europe or the USA.

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