Adwords TrainingTailored Adwords Training workshops built around your business needs - your timetable - and your goals & objectives.

With over 11 years of experience managing PPC campaigns for 100s of UK & International businesses my tailored Inhouse Adwords Training can help your business create and manage Adwords campaigns that deliver the response your business needs and deserves. I offer my training clients knowledge built through real individual experience rather than simple textbook guidelines.

If you're looking at initiating a new Adwords-focused strategy or require training for current members of staff to administer your Adwords marketing requirements then lets have a chat!

My range of tailored Adwords Training sessions include;

Adwords Training for Agencies

Ian came in, understood what our levels of understanding were and tailored the training to that. The way Ian conducted the training was interesting and engaging. Ian kept our concentration all day, showing us his personal insights, tips and tricks. M Bessent (Custard Media)

Looking to expand your agency PPC offering? I will work with your team across all skillsets to ensure a greater understanding of Adwords and greater confidence in selling your PPC offering to new and existing clients. We'll cover all aspects of the day-to-day management of your client accounts alongside;

  • Adwords Account Management
  • Client Reporting & Analysis
  • How to Sell Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Client Account Optimisation

Adwords Training For Your Agency

Adwords Training for B2B Business

From the start of our engagement Ian took the time to understand our objectives, research our business and our current Google Adwords Account. Zoe Cook (Creative Sharepoint)

Developing a highly cost effective Adwords campaign for your B2B business can be highly complex matter. Ensuring your campaign reaches your target business market without over-reach into the consumer market requires the adoption of a detailed strategy and day-to-day Account Management including;

  • B2B Keyword Research.
  • Ad Grouping & Campaign Structure.
  • Lead Tracking and Qualification.
  • Bid Management & Analysis.

Adwords Training For Your B2B Business- Find Out More

Adwords Training for Online Retail

Ian gave a real insight into getting the best out of Adwords and putting together effective campaigns. He covered a lot ground, providing valuable tips and truly memorable examples along the way. G King (AQA)

Maximise your Retail Adwords campaigns to ensure high impact & greater conversions through my tailored 1-Day Training Session built specifically for your business working through;

  • Optimised and Compelling Ad Copy
  • Campaign & Ad Group Structure
  • Product Listing Ads & Remarketing
  • Optimal Use of Negative Keywords

Adwords Training For Your Online Retailer - Find Out More

Advanced Adwords Training

We hired Ian for 4 weeks to build upon the teams PPC knowledge.

Its probably fair to say that I learnt more in 2 hours than I had in 12 months. L Fuller (ChannelAdvisor)

Looking to take your own, or your team's Google Adwords knowledge to the next level? The 1-Day In-House Advanced Adwords Session includes discussion around the following additional points;

  • Search vs Display Network Advertising
  • Remarketing & Targeting
  • Landing Page Optimisation & A/B Testing
  • Account Management Best Practice

Advanced Adwords Training - Find Out More

I work with businesses across the UK, Europe and United States to help create a strategy and Adwords management program to maintain highly effective PPC campaigns in-house.

Some of the most common questions raised prior to my Adwords Training courses include;

  • 'Why do we see a massive amount of impressions but no clicks?'
  • 'I'm a small retailer - does Adwords make sense for my business?'
  • 'Our Quality Score is poor and each click costs us a fortune'
  • 'People are clicking our advertising but nobody is purchasing'
  • 'How can we track how successful our campaigns are?'
  • 'Why do our competitor ads always show above our own?'
  • 'How can make best use of Google Adwords Remarketing?'
  • 'This simply isn't proving cost-effective, how can we improve our results?'
  • 'No matter what we do, our Google advertising just isn't showing!'

Together we can look at exactly how your Adwords PPC campaigns have fared and pinpoint areas of improvement. Specifically, my training will drive a far greater cost-focused approach to help you achieve your business needs.  By isolating areas of weakness within your campaigns and building upon new opportunities you can quickly turn around your paid search campaigns.

It requires a certain level of experience to be able to master an Adwords campaign. Not only do you need to understand what your customers are looking for, you also need to provide Google with what THEY are looking for.


  • Analyse Ad Copy and understand the pitfalls of poorly worded or automated advertising
  • Develop an Adwords Campaign Structure that works for YOUR business
  • Understand the importance if differentiating Broad, Phrase and Exact Match keyword bidding
  • Cost-effective bid mechanisms to ensure your ads are seen
  • The importance of understanding Quality Score
  • Q&As built around your individual business needs

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