Adwords - Client Testimonials
A large proportion of my work is undertaken under NDA with clients. However,  do check out my Linkedin Profile for the latest recommendations from my clients as well as the lovely recent comments below;

What My Clients Say:

M. Wade - Courtaulds (Gossard & Pretty Polly)

Courtaulds Brands hired Ian as an external consultant to help build and improve upon our existing paid search strategy. He is an e-commerce professional with a depth of expertise and is a pleasure to do business with. I would not hesitate in seeking his consulting services again on another project.

D. Winstanley - Pram World

Ian has a vast knowledge and understanding of Google Adwords, Analytics and Digital Marketing. The work we have done together has seen our online business go from strength to strength driving more traffic to our website and yet reducing our cost per conversion. 

A. Moldovanov - Floor Sanding Experts

Ian Rhodes does magic or science...I dont know. The only thing I know for sure is that his work reduced our Adwords expenses 3 times without reducing the traffic and conversions. What more can you wish for?

S. Leake Swansway

Ian is very personable and certainly an expert in his field. He takes a great interest in your business and goals and understands what's required to run a succesful PPC and Google Adwords campaign. He really cares about his clients and strives for their success... which comes almost instantly with his superb guidance

D. Rowley Mediaburst

I have no hesitation in endorsing Ian. If you want the most up to date knowledge on Paid Search and Strategy he's your go to man.

G. King  AQA

Ian gave a real insight into getting the best out of Adwords and putting together effective campaigns. He covered a lot ground, providing valuable tips and truly memorable examples along the way. Many thanks, Ian.

M. Bessent Custard Media

Ian came into our workplace to provide us with further Adwords training and consultancy. Even though our company offer all aspects of online marketing, Adwords is an area we could certainly improve on. Ian came in, understood what our levels of understanding were and tailored the training to that. The way Ian conducted the training was interesting and engaging. Ian kept our concentration all day, showing us his personal insights, tips and tricks. I would definitely recommend Ian to anybody looking for his services, without a doubt and we would definitely use his services again.

H. Kitson ChannelAdvisor

In a quest to provide more knowledgeable information to our UK clients, Ian spent several days with our team helping us to better understand all things Paid Search. While there is a lot to understand surrounding Paid Search, Ian explained it in a focused way in easy to digest chunks. I feel more qualified to speak in depth to my prospects and clients after Ian's training and highly recommend working with him

A. Livermore Custard Media

Ian was brought inhouse for one day to train a number of our staff on the latest trends with Adwords marketing. It proved to be a very good interactive session in which my team were able to discuss how to better the adwords camapigns of our clients. Ian was very thorough, very relaxed in in approach to the training and his knowledge and understanding he passed onto my team in a very professional and well executed manner. Training of this nature for any inhouse seo/ppc team is vital to know what the latest trends are and how to not only execute new functionalilty available on the adwords platform but also to align with seo campaigns to greater your clients ROI. Great Job Ian and I envisage another visit from you in the next 6 months.

Z. Cook Creative Sharepoint

I hired Ian to come onsite and deliver Google Adwords training to my team to help us improve our Adwords knowledge and lower our CPC. Ian was fantastic to work with, very punctual, personable and knowledgeable. From the start of our engagement Ian took the time to understand our objectives, research our business and our current Google Adwords Account. I highly recommend Ian and I very much look forward to working with him again.

N. Hirshler Score Communications

Ian is an absolute expert in his field and provided us with a bespoke training session which was extremely relevant and valuable to our business. I would very much like to work with Ian again and would highly recommend his consultancy.

J. Priddle ChannelAdvisor

Ian came in to our company as a consultant to assist our teams with a better understanding of PPC marketing using GoogleAdwords etc. b He provided valuable information and even provided a detailed and easy to understand powerpoint or two.

Ian was great to work with and really knows his stuff and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

L. Fuller ChannelAdvisor

We hired Ian for 4 weeks to build upon the teams PPC knowledge.

Its probably fair to say that I learnt more in 2 hours than I had in 12 months.

His learning style is very clear, precise and backed up with lots of practical examples that can be immediately implemented.

In fact, he has already helped me to close a couple of deals! Ian is without doubt an expert in his field and comes highly recommended.

S. Iqbal ChannelAdvisor

In the time that I spent working with Ian, his contribution, guidance and support has been immense. I found him to have great dignity and passion for his work and work recommend his services.

Jonathan H. Score Communications

I hired Ian to run a one day workshop on AdWords here at ScoreComms where we reviewed our own offering and looked in depth at how to improve AdWords campaigns for a number of clients.

Ian's knowledge and experience in strategising and deploying AdWords campaigns is second to none. He provided us with a great insight into the industry and has really helped raise our game. Our team are now very excited about putting some of these ideas into practice and we hope to build a long-term relationship with Ian in order to continue to improve our offering in this area.

V. Harpley ChannelAdvisor

Ian worked with the Account Management team at ChannelAdvisor for a few weeks to share his knowledge and experience of the world of PPC. He was a fantastic person to work with, incredibly personable and he really does know his stuff! He worked through all our questions patiently and expertly, and was happy to share as much as he could.
Ian is an excellent trainer and I could only wish we'd been able to have him for longer

R. Thakrar ChannelAdvisor

What Ian doesn't know about PPC isn't worth knowing. Ian's knowledge of what makes a successful PPC/Google Adwords campaign shows a deep understanding of the area, and I would recommend anyone who is of the mindset that "PPC just doesn't work" to employ the services of Ian, to show you where you're going wrong!!

Ian's also an easy going very personable person, and is able to articulate the sometimes complicated intricacies of Paid Search in a clear and easy to understand manner, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any potential clients.

G. Long ChannelAdvisor

Ian has been an invaluable asset over the past 4 weeks imparting a great deal of knowledge around Paid Search strategy and implementation of campaigns - a great resource.