Quality Score - the grading scale implemented by Google in order to control the quality of advertisements positioned within the Google Search.

Increase Google Adwords Quality ScoreYou don't simply 'buy' high ranking positions within Google Adwords, you 'EARN' them.

Gone are the days of the highest bidder wins... you can now see the leading ad positions taken by businesses who are spending a fraction of the CPC (Cost Per Click) of their competitors who suffer from being slapped with poor Quality Score.

Google ranking is, whilst complex in it's algorithms, simple in it's Ad Ranking mechanism;

Your Maximum Cost Per Click x Your Quality Score = Your Ad Rank

If your Ad Rank is the highest on your chosen keyword, you proudly sit on top of the pile of advertisers.

The great news for small business, Google do not rank you based on the size or structure of your business. They rank you on the relevance of YOUR offering to USERS search query. They sit as the middleman, and like any middleman, earn off of the back of their introduction.

A campaign which is suffering from a poor Quality Score is a campaign which is on the equivalent of a life-support machine - your company's own marketing budget. You'll be paying overinflated amounts in order to compete with those companies spending less than you AND receiving higher positions within the Ad placements!

So, how do you improve your Quality Score?

Well, often times, your Quality Score is entrenched in the low figures due to your ad suffering a low CTR (click through rate). Put simply, your potential prospects have not found your offering interesting. You've lost out to your competitors due to;

  • low CTR (Click Thru Rate)
  • irrelevant ads showing to irrelevant prospects
  • poorly written Ad copy
  • low Ad positions where users have already chosen a competitor ahead of yours!
  • poorly organised Ad Campaigns
  • poorly chosen keywords

Google, as much as we all scratch our heads in frustration, are rarely wrong in their passed judgment.

If your campaigns are suffering from Quality Scores of 5 or below for your highly sought keywords or phrases, then there is time to turn your campaign around! Why not pop your details in the form below and we can arrange a convenient time to chat through exactly what your account frustrations are and just how we can work together to re-energise your PPC offering!

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