Strangely, so much emphasis within Google Adword Campaign planning and analysis is placed upon the keyword bidding element. This is a symptom I see all too often whereby clients lose focus on the actual user experience.

The 'hard bit' of an Adwords Campaign isn't outbidding your competitors or chosing the correct keywords - it's how all of these elements integrate into the overall campaign strategy and end goal - to increase sales and lead generation.

Ian - I'm spending £0,000's a month on keywords, I'm seeing the click thrus but I'm not seeing any orders on the back of this - clearly Adwords isn't for us.

Remember one very very important aspect of your Adwords Campaign - Google simply offer a mechanism of introducing your business to potential clients. Nothing more. They don't influence the terms people search with, or provide insight into what works best for your business.

Your business is individual, just like your prospects. Think of Adwords as the dating agency - your potential hot dates are scouring the web looking for their dream partner - they see your profile - they love what they read - they want to find out more! Hey! They've clicked - now's the time to properly introduce yourself.

This is the stage where the ball is well and truly in your court - you've got to impress that individual. Their profile matches everything you're looking for in a partner!

  • be interesting
  • be focused
  • be honest
  • don't assume they no anything about you - no skeletons in your closet 😉

That first date is where the relationship blossoms, or dies. Now... back to your Adwords campaign, does your landing page tell your prospects everything they want to know? Do you make it easy for them to tell you how much they want to find out more?

It will surprise you just how quickly your Adwords campaign can transform based on a few tweaks and a few new lines of fresh directed content.

If you want to start winning new business online now is the time to focus not simply on your Adwords campaign mechanism, but on your own business' offering. Are you answering the question of your prospects? Are you telling them what they want to find out - that YOUR business offers a solution to their problem?

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