You'd think in this day and age you could simply press a few buttons and magically a fully optimised list of keywords appears allowing you to target the correct audience with the correct ad?

The process of 'Keyword Research' isn't necessarily based around building a database of 1000's


upon 1000's of keywords and hitting 'Launch' fact, for your campaign to even raise it's head above the highly competitive, shark infested waters, and appear to tick the first box in your Campaign Success chart you need to act like and think like your client.

I know, this could be quite a scary experience dependent on your particular industry......

Google themselves announced that 25% of searches that took place during a 3 month period have never been seen before... that's quite a statistic for any mathematician to get their head around. 1 in every 4 searches is taking place for the first time. Here we are, industry experts, and 25% of the time we have to second guess a search query that has never ever happened before.

Now, you start to realise the potential hazardous complexity of Keyword Research. I use the term 'hazardous' correctly... spending money on poorly research keywords can see any Marketing professional, novice or expert, summoned to the boardroom to explain their budget syphoning.

I'll be honest at this stage, there's ALWAYS an element of trial and error incorporated into any Adwords Campaign.

YES! You will attract the wrong clicks from the wrong crowd. You will see misfit keywords which slipped through the net receiving clicks and costing your business money. You cannot 2nd guess the search-query triggers in every user of Google.

What you can do, is minimise the impact of poorly chosen keywords and learn quickly how to irradicate future errors.

Keyword research is about applying common sense and application to your Ad groups and campaigns. It's about focusing on those terms that WILL NOT generate your business income as much as focusing on those THAT WILL.

Yes, you'll get to the stage where you're bidding on 1000's of keywords. Think back to my initial statistic, you need to be capturing the search terms before they're even searched for!

A large proportion of the success of your Adwords campaign will ride on the decisions made at an early stage to research, segment and group keywords in a logical manner.

If you're logging into your Adwords account today and seeing no logic behind your Ad Groups or you know SOME keywords and phrases ARE working for you, but simply do not have the time to capitalise on these success stories, then perhaps it's time we had a chat?

I work with clients to help re-group Keywords and Adgroups in order to revitalise Adword Campaigns. I help businesses to understand how to use the plethora of Adwords reports to isolate potential keyword gems and to expand on them to generate further income for your business.

My expertise is helping businesses understand where they're going wrong, how to resolve those issues, and how to build successful campaigns going forward.

The first stage in your keyword research is right here. Isolating help, and requesting assistance.

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