Introduction to Adwords - Training WorkshopYour Introduction to Adwords is a full day training session devised to help you better understand the day-to-day mission to boost your organisation's revenue & lead generation through Adwords.

The introductory sessions are ideal for:

  • businesses looking to in-source their Adwords management
  • training new members of staff tasked with managing your Adwords account
  • Senior management who are looking for a better understanding of how Adwords can benefit their business
  • Agencies looking for a swift programme to help train new and existing staff
  • Startup businesses looking to build their Adwords account for the very first time

Typically, my clients are businesses who are not fearful of spending budgets in excess of £2.5k per month, they simply need the guidance to ensure they're spending their budget wisely.

Your introductory Adwords Training will help you to learn:

  • the importance of setting business objectives to help guide the development of your account
  • how to manage your keywords effectively
  • set CPC levels that will ensure you're delivering the right level of traffic
  • report on your campaign success and opportunities using Google Analytics
  • the essential planning needed to create and employ optimised Ad Copy
  • tips & tricks to help you save time and budget managing your campaigns
  • understand the importance of navigating around the dozens of pages within the Adwords interface
  • the benefit of using Google's Adwords Editor and other tools to help save your time & money

Your Adwords Introductory Training is based around your business, your industry and your ideal buyer. This isn't textbook teaching, this is delivered based on real experience managing Adwords accounts for 12+ years.

Wherever in the UK or Europe your business is based, find out how I start you on the road to a highly profitable route to winning new business through Google Adwords:

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