Free Adwords Audit'Free' is always very tempting... and for right reasons. When something is 'free' you lose nothing. Well, apart from some time and potentially a little energy.

I want to talk to you about agencies and consultants that offer a 'Free Adwords Audit'. I've been running Adwords Audits for coming up to 12 years now. The Audit can dramatically change your view and success of your Adwords campaign. It dives into data and presents a complete picture of exactly where your business is, and where your business could be heading with Google Adwords. It leaves no stone unturned.

My Adwords Audit is priced from £1500 (€2000/$2500). It takes me 2 solid days to complete and I watch and analyse your account 'live' for 4 weeks prior to providing my findings.

I can't for the life of me understand why an agency would offer this service... for free. Wait, yes I can, to provide you with documentation that shows why that particular agency 'should' be running your campaign for you.


When I produce an Adwords Audit for a client it looks at far more than keywords, structure and a check-list of rights and wrongs. It tells you about the overall viability of marketing your business through Adwords.

I've summarised for businesses in the past with a simple sentence - 'Please Stop Advertising Your Business Using Adwords'. Could you imagine a similar response from an agency or Adwords management consultant?

I only ever manage 3 Adwords accounts at any one time. The spend is usually £200k between the 3 and I ensure I'm working with 1 startup, 1 SME and 1 multinational. This way I can continue my education into Google Adwords first hand.

My Adwords Audit is about delivering you essential information to help direct the future of your business. It's not a sales pitch.

Find out more about my Adwords Audit... sorry, it's not free...

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