Are You Struggling to Keep Your Adwords Campaign Cost-Effective?

Tumbleweeds are gathering on Adwords Accounts across the country as potential advertisers are shocked by figures of £2.00 / £5.00 or even up to £20.00 a click! How on earth can your justify that sort of expense?!? It's not a 'toe in the water' scenario, it's being thrown well and truly into the deep end!

One of my big gripes with Google Adwords is the way the system can strike fear into any novice Adwords Account holder.

Let's face it, as soon as you open your account, you want to start driving traffic to your site by the most cost-effective means possible. That means doesn't involve spending £100s a day without any idea of how, where and why your money is disappearing!

The logical steps in setting up your first campaign are to highlight and focus on those perceived "dream keywords" just to see how much you can buy traffic for. So, off you go, cobbling together your first ad, entering 5-10 keywords...clicking 'Go' and there they are....

'HOW MUCH??!!' you either think to yourself, or scream to your colleagues, or printer repairman....

Having witnessed this scenerio hundreds of times, and being called in to help clients who still have their white knuckles clasped to their keyboards... I can safely say, all is not lost!

The success of your Adwords Campaign is down to the success of your Adwords Campaign management and keyword bidding process. It's learning from your mistakes, and capitalising on your gains.

Before you hit the 'Cancel' button and place the idea of Adwords in the same vault as that ridiculously expensive, but seemed so relevant at the time, Yellow Pages Ad, lets have a chat.

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