Each month you add new keywords, new ads and new ideas to your Adwords account. Often times you can have 100's of different ads running, each isolated from any other relevant ad.

A clearly organised Adwords campaign not only allows you to monitor the impact of new ad campaigns, it also plays perfectly into Google's requirements of carefully constructed, relevant advertising.

A poorly organised campaign can leave some of your most powerful keywords or phrases attached to poorly performing Ad Groups that not only cost you money, they miss out on the real opportunities available through Google Adwords.

As a Google Adwords Consultant I spend time with my clients, both those with new campaigns and seasoned advertisers, putting in place highly functional organisational structures for their current and future campaigns. It will literally pay dividends at a later date!

Each element of an optimised campaign is designed to save YOU and YOUR BUSINESS money. Google reward those advertisers that take the time to consistently produce highly focused campaigns which deliver their users with the most relevant and pertinent advertising.

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