Learn How To Start Generating More Leads Through Adwords.

Adwords Campaign - RelevanceTailoring your Adwords Campaigns to ensure your Ads are delivered to potential customers, rather than the general public, can be an arduous task. As much as 90% of your current Adwords budget could be mis-spent due to poorly targeted campaigns which deliver visits from B2C rather than B2B-focused researchers.

B2B businesses must build campaigns which deliver cost-effective lead generation processes AND maintain ROI deliverables. No matter which market your business is positioned within, the needs are the same.

I work with B2B clients to help train staff and senior management to understand the fundamentals involved which produce highly cost-effective rewarding campaigns for their businesses. My training programme is built around the specific needs of YOUR business.

We will look at a range of key aspects including;

  • how to segment your campaigns to ensure they are received by B2B prospects NOT the general public
  • expansion of your B2B campaigns into new regions or countries
  • how to develop Ad Copy which hits your target market
  • how to ensure your keyword analysis works for your business
  • isolate issues with your present campaigns through a complete PPC Audit
  • competitor analysis
  • effective bid management
  • the importance of Quality Score and how it impacts upon your overall campaign
  • understanding how Google Adwords and Google Analytics work together to help you report upon Goals and Conversions
  • set targets for your business based upon existing traffic levels and conversion rates
  • senior management are aware of how budget is allocated and internal staff members deliver accountable results through Adwords

I work with B2B companies across the UK and Europe to help train, understand and manage highly successful Adwords Campaigns. Let's speak today to see how I can work with your business to achieve your online goals through Adwords.

Find Out How You Can Take Your Adwords Knowledge To The Next Level

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