Adwords Audit

I've had the pleasure of working alongside 100s of businesses, both in the UK, Europe and USA during the past 12 years to help build and maintain successful Adwords accounts for spends ranging from £1k - £350k per month. How can I help your business today?

An independent Adwords Audit will allow you to take stock of your campaigns. An expert eye evaluating core campaign data will deliver a summary of the current performance and more importantly - steps required to further enhance your Adwords profitability.

Your Adwords Audit will allow you to;

  • Understand where you are potentially overspending and how to rectify
  • Ensure Analytics is working in tandem with your account and website
  • See where your competitors are focusing their budgets
  • See how your campaigns could be restructured to build new opportunities
  • View the impact of increased Quality Score for your keywords and phrases
  • View the potential pitfalls within your existing landing pages
  • Understand how your budget could be better segmented
  • Analyse how effective your current keyword research and bid management is
  • See how A/B ad copy testing could significantly increase the productivity of your Google ads
  • See how you can take advantage of the Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Analyse the impact of geographic-focused keywords upon your campaign performance

In summary - if you can save money, I'll find out how; if you can increase profitability, I'd deliver the plan.

and is perfect for businesses;

  • looking to monitor the performance of their campaign, whether managed in-house or through an agency
  • looking to increase expenditure, but firstly ensuring their campaigns are already building an effective revenue stream
  • benchmark their campaigns against the industry best practices to ensure every penny is a penny spent wisely.

Prior to the audit, we will discuss your own business objectives as well as provide an overview of your competition and your industry.

Following completion of my initial audit I will present my findings and strategy to help you build a more effective route forward for your Paid Search marketing, whether managed in-house or through an external agency.

The Adwords Audit is ideal for businesses spending £5k+ per month and looking to streamline their current account to reduce costs and increase relevant presence.

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