I make no bones about it - the best Adwords campaigns are those that are managed in-house. I've worked on 200+ Adwords accounts and I have seen everything that is good and bad about outsourcing to Adwords Agencies or Consultants.Outsource to an Adwords Agency

The good part: your account should be structured correctly and follow Adwords best practice.

The bad part: The distinct lack of knowledge about two crucial areas - your industry, your customers.

Every client I've worked alongside will have the following endorsement ringing in their ears:


You just don't necessarily know how to set up and make the most of the opportunities that Adwords can offer you.

I personally manage 6 Adwords accounts at any one time.  I've learned as much as I possibly can from my clients about their market, their customers & their competitors. I'm still learning from them each and every day. I have to manage these accounts so that I maintain my knowledge and understanding of what works within Adwords. The total spend across these accounts is typically £200k+ a month.

I could probably manage 10-15 accounts. I'd probably earn an additional £100,000 a year doing that. But, I don't. Why? because I want my clients to manage their campaigns themselves with the knowledge and expertise that I can pass on to enable them to do just that.

My point is this - there's no quick win guarantee outsourcing to an external Adwords agency. Even if they do help you to build the structure for your account, long-term there's more in it for them then there is for you.

Adwords ISN'T rocket science. Neither is it an all-encompassing time-saturating affair. Not, when you know what you're doing.

My job... is to show you what you should be doing. I train the very agencies that are looking to win your business. Find out how I can help your business without the need to outsource to an Adwords agency:

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