There are 3 principal parties involved in your Adwords campaign - your business, the search engine and your business prospects.

Adwords Campaign - RelevanceTime and again Google Adwords campaigns are setup with attention being drawn to the keywords and the landing page. Lets face it, these are the two elements where you're spending money! The CPC eats into your marketing budget, and the user lands on your expensive new website.

... your account is live, you've set your budgets and chosen the pages on your site to lead prospects to. ONE BIG PROBLEM - nobody is clicking on your ad??!?!

This has a two-prong impact on your Google Adwords campaign;

  • nobody's clicking... so nobody's visiting
  • Google see that nobody's clicking your ad due to the low CTR (Click Thru Rate) and lowers the Quality Score of your ad

What does this mean? You're spending MORE to attract new customers to your site than your competitors.

Not a good scenario for any business.

The importance of developing creative, yet relevant, advertisements CAN NOT BE OVERLOOKED.

It's your one chance to make the right impression ... as a famous marketing campaign once preached.
Your Ad copy is the centrepoint of your entire advertising campaign. It's the hook that draws visitors and the marker by which Google judges your campaign. If their users don't like your ads, Google doesn't like your Ads.

Don't try and be 'too smart' with your advertising. You need to show potential visitors that YOUR business offers the solution that they are looking for. Whether this is a product or a  B2B service, your ads need to be targetted and written to attract your prospects.

If your business is struggling to make an impact through your Google Adwords campaign then maybe it's worthwhile us having a chat? Simply pop your details in the form below and we can arrange a suitable time to discuss your campaign and how my diagnosis and remedy can help breathe life back into your campaign and SAVE YOUR BUSINESS MONEY!